Benefits of Completing An Internship

Heading off to university and have a chosen profession you want to pursue? Part of your time at university and the career you take to study may include an internship. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a higher education meeting employment opportunity. An internship is designed for the student to get experience of what it is like in the actual profession they have chosen to study with a safe pass course. It could be a period of a full week, one day, a week for a full year or some other set period. It may offer a payment and it may be unpaid work.

For some professions, it is a standard practice to include an internship for a period of time while studying at university. These professions may include education, medicine and nursing. A university career adviser may be able to advise you on what is necessary for particular professions.

Internships may help university students with job placements. Experience and knowledge in your preferred field of work and internships you have completed that are listed on your resume would be an item a prospective employer would be interested in. Having contacts within an industry can also help with a placement in a job. If you have completed internships throughout your time in study this will also add to your resume qualifications.

Once in a working position you will be given responsibilities. Being able to handle the tasks assigned to you will also help you to keep your job and over a period of time allow you to move up in your desired profession. If you decide to avoid internships you may walk into a profession and not really have the full grasp of how it works in the real world. Internships are an opportunity to make use of what you are learning and put it into practice in a real situation.

Internships are also an ideal place to experience what your chosen profession is about. You may find once you begin an internship it might not be the career you wanted, this gives you time to change to another career.






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