Benefits to a Driver Simulation Program

Simulated driving is a program that can be done whilst learning to drive or for someone with an actual license. Simulated driver training is designed to give a driver of a vehicle a course in how to handle the events that may lead up to an accident and take evasive action to avoid one.

Training with a simulated machine brings the driver into an almost real world where they can experience an almost real life event. With this type of learning the driver doesn’t actually become injured as in real life.

The F1 driving experience days simulated driving exercises are all recorded and instructors use these to pinpoint problems a student may have with trying to handle different situations on the road. It can also be used to create discussion with a group of students on techniques in handling different road conditions.

Students being exposed to a realistic situation are monitored for psychological effects which are also recorded. This can help with the stress level caused by particular road conditions.

This type of simulated driver training is also suitable for many other types of drivers, be they fleet, large transport or something else. All drivers can benefit from being more aware of how to handle hazardous situations that may arise whilst driving.

There are many types of conditions that go into the scenarios students have to handle when using the simulation machine.  Pedestrians, traffic, wildlife, weather and especially other drivers and their vehicles are built into the software. Hazardous situations have been designed so drivers can learn how to handle these problems, and hopefully avoid an accident and make the road a safer place.


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