Plastic Polymer Roofing: What You Need To Know

Plastic polymer roofing is used by many different people on their homes when renovating their roofs. When considering a type of roofing for your home it’s important to take everything into consideration to ensure you’re using the right one. This article will cover the different features of plastic polymer roofing Hertfordshire that you can use to work out whether this type of roofing material is the best option.

Plastic Polymer Factors and Features

  • Appearance – Plastic polymer tends to mimic that of wood shakes or slates.
  • Materials – Roofing from this material is generally made from high tech and moulded methods.
  • Eco-friendly – Some plastic polymer roofs tend to be recycled making them more suitable for those who care about the environment.
  • Durable – Plastic polymer is low maintenance and is longer lasting.
  • Weight – The weight of the roof is light to medium in weight.
  • Wind and Fire Resistance – Plastic polymer is good for fire and wind resistance due to its well-made design. It’s suitable for high risk areas as well.
  • Cost – The overall cost of plastic polymer is moderate at best. It’s great for those who don’t have a low budget but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts on roofing.


Plastic polymer roofing is a great choice for many homes across the UK. By knowing the different benefits and factors of this type of roofing you have a higher chance of really bringing in better results when installed on your roof. So are you going to choose plastic polymer?

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