Pros and Cons Of Using Gloss Tiles

Gloss tiles offer so many great benefits when they’re installed. With their beautiful texture, it’s no wonder they’ve become a popular choice amongst many different home owners. To know whether they’re the right choice for your individual needs, the following is a guide to the different benefits of using gloss tiles. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Beautiful Finish – Gloss tiles offer a beautiful finish. This is because they feature a shiny design that’s perfect for highlighting a room and making it bigger. These tiles also make the room look fresh and clean which is perfect for a number of different rooms such as bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks.
  • Patterns and Colours – Gloss tiles also come in a number of different colours and patterns to choose from. This makes them great for anyone looking for specific things. Patterned tiles offer more depth to a room, while the right colour can really make a room pop.


  • Slippery – One downside to these tiles is that they are slippery when wet. Meaning they can only be used on a wall surface area. This doesn’t allow you to have that shiny surface area on the floor that you may have liked.


Gloss tiles can provide any room with a beautiful finish when installed. By taking the time to understand what the pros and cons are you can easily make the most out of your next tile renovation. So you do think you’ll be going with gloss tiles?

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