The Main Types Of Carpet Used In Homes

Where flooring requires a covering and the decision on the floor covering is carpet, then before deciding on any type of carpet, it’s a good idea to have the art of living knowledge about the way carpet is made.

One of the methods for making carpet is the tufted process. This requires an action, like that of a sewing machine. The machine used for this type of carpet has a long rod that has many needles. Each needle has an eye and yarn passes through this eye and completes a process involving a backing cloth. On the underside of this cloth the needle forms a loop with this yarn. This first result is known as a loop pile carpet. With another process this loop can be cut to form cut pile carpet. The finished cloth is spread with an adhesive and another backing is attached to the carpet pile backing which helps in stabilizing it as a finished product.

Another type of carpet that uses the tufting process is the modular carpet or also known as the carpet tile. It is produced in a similar way to the pile carpet, but the tufts are inserted into an artificial backing such as PVC or a compound containing bitumen with a backing fabric.

Carpet of the woven type dates back to a process used more than 200 years ago, another name for this type of carpet is the Axminster. This is a style of carpet now made in many countries. It is produced using a power loom that can weave carpets of a high quality using a variety of colours and incorporating beautiful patterns. It is a hardwearing carpet and is very suitable for places that experience a high amount of traffic. Many prestige homes are found to have Axminster carpet installed.



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