Top Tiling Advice For Beginner

Tiling yourself is a big job especially when you haven’t done much tiling before. When it comes to tiling, there’s a few different things that you need to consider in order to make your tiling easier. For those who are about to tile themselves, here’s a guide to some tiling advice to get you started.

  1. Design Your Tile Layout First – Creating a plan and design of how you want your tiles is important to help you lay the tiles in the correct order. There will be tiles to cut. So always use a professional tile cutting machine to help make the scoring and the cutting much easier and neater. Having a drawn plan of where the tiles will go will help you to make your tiling neater and more appealing to the eye with a professional finish.
  2. Use Spacers – Grout spacers are available from your local hardware or tiling store. Always use spacers between the tiles to get even grout lines. Without having even grout lines it can cause problems with uneven tiles at the end.
  3. Use A Good Sealant – When you’ve tiled and grouted it’s always advised to use a good sealant from a tile shop London in order to complete the tiling and make it durable for years to come.


Tiling is a big job and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s always advisable to get a professional tiler to do the job for you, however if you can’t afford it why not take these tips into consideration. Are you ready to tile?


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