Top Tips For Choosing Secure Frameless Glass Doors

When it comes to your home security, you want to make sure the frameless glass doors you choose will be able to withstand against any forced entry. These day’s frameless glass doors are installed with professional and high quality locking mechanisms which can really enhance your homes overall security. When choosing a secure door, the following are some simple tips you can follow to make your home more secure.

Tips For Buying A Security Conscious Glass Door

  • Where Is It Made? – One of the first things you need to consider is where the door is made. If you buy a door that’s made locally by the supplier you have a better chance of having your door repaired if something goes wrong with it. This will help to maintain the integrity and security of your door.
  • Is the Door Made From Quality Products? – The next thing to consider is seeing whether your door is made from high quality products. The door should be made from strong wood, aluminium or toughened glass. If they aren’t it may be best to find a supplier who sells these types of doors. Your doors should meet certain building requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask about the building requirements. The stronger the door the less likely it is to be broken into.
  • Is The Door Weather Proof? – For frameless glass doors which are separating indoor and outdoor areas it’s important to make sure they’re weather proof. Weatherproof doors have the ability to withstand most weather conditions and will last for years to come. If you’re doors aren’t weather resistant or don’t have a weather rating, they’re security may be compromised.
  • Inspect The Locks – Upon installation of your door, make sure you check the locks before the installer leaves. If you feel the door locks are loose or they aren’t working as well as they should be, tell the installer. They will either have a look at it for you or get in contact with someone who takes care of that side of the doors.


When buying a door for security purposes, it’s important to take everything into consideration. By checking the door and knowing what to look for you can easily buy a frameless glass door to suit your home. So do you feel more secure now?

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